Tag function

What is a Tag?

A "tag" in Daily Notes is a label attached to your notes for the purpose of identifying and categorizing them. It makes it quicker to find and collate relevant notes when you use the tagging function.

For example you have 5 notes in one Tab and you tagged 2 of them with the word "marketing." When you use the "marketing" tag to search and filter your notes, only those 2 notes will be shown in your list.

Take note though that tags are exclusive to each Tabs. For e.g.. the notes that you tagged in the 1st Tab can't be seen on the 2nd Tab unless you also use the same tags on the latter. 

How do I use a tag?
Tagging a note is easy to do:
  1. Choose first a Tab then go to a note. Tap on the tag icon located between the + icon and the email icon on the bottom toolbar.
  2. Type in a "tag" then press enter. For eg. tag the note as "marketing".
  3. Once you're in the summary notes view, to look up for that particular note, just tap on the "Tags Filter" then choose a tag. For eg. look for the "marketing" tag or type it in the search tool bar.
  4. All notes that are tagged with the words "marketing" will be filtered and shown.

Can I change the tag of my notes?
Yes you can, just tap on the tag icon on the bottom toolbar, select the current Tag then delete it. Type a new tag or select one from your current tag list to tag it again.

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