I have a problem with Evernote Sync

Daily Notes integration with Evernote is very new. Although we have testing extensively for many weeks, there is still a possibility for bugs. Please follow the below steps when you identify a problem:
  1. If you feel that the problem is critical, the first thing to do is to switch off the Evernote Sync from the Evernote Sync tab on the SETTINGS screen.
  2. To enable us to investigate your problem, tap on the Sync Log button on the Evernote Sync tab and email the log file to dailynotes@fluidtouch.biz. Also include a description of your problem within the email.
  3. If you are syncing with Daily Notes on multiple iPad, please send us the Sync Logs from all the devices.
Sync Logs contain information that will enable us to clearly identify the problem and issue a fix soon.

Data Privacy Alert

Note that the Sync Log file will contain the titles of your notes, tasks, tabs and tags. The log will *not* include the contents of your notes. If your titles have confidential information, sending the Sync Log is not an option for you. If this is the case, please send us a description of the problem you are facing and we will try our best to investigate and fix.

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